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Playcanics is a new business vision for

the modern era in Canada's Tech Industry. 

Playcanics was founded in 2020 by Jessica Haak, M.A. Educational Technology (Concordia, Montreal),

B.A. Theatre, and Film and Media Studies (University of Alberta): with the creative collaboration of

Joel Duffield, Senior Unreal Engine Specialist. 

"Meaningful play in a game emerges from the relationship between player action and system outcome; it is the

process by which a player takes action within the designed system of a game and the system responds to this action."

Johann Huizinga, in Rules of Play

Premium Design

Whether your budget is large or small, we can bring your vision to life. With our calculated project management, lean process techniques, creative ingenuity, and technical excellence, anything is possible. We carefully select our creative specialists and developers from our extensive network of creatives in Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. 


Our specialists are paid well. They are treated respectfully, and they take on projects to

improve their skills beyond their other business pursuits. We believe that our work is stronger

with these collaborations. The artists are enriched professionally, and companies

receive products at a fair market value.

Through constant collaboration and repetition, we are confident that excellence is

achieved in training and the arts. In this way, the cross-pollination between the two enhances both. 


Have you ever been partially through a project and realized that you made a

grave technological selection? Perhaps you thought you wanted the actors dressed

in a particular set of PPE in your on-site training video, only to realize that another one

was more appropriate. With our focus on 3D design for Occupational Health and Safety and

our use of eager, talented specialists, you should feel safe knowing that we can make corrective

changes along the way when producing life critical training.  


Playcanics runs entirely remotely. With the use of highly specialised subcontractors, our business model is designed to give you significant flexibility when it comes to the techniques you wish to employ in your designs whether 2D or 3D art styles.

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