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Work with our team of instructional designers, 2D/3D graphic specialists to produce brand and audience appropriate content for your eLearning training. Our team uses Lean Manufacturing and the Sam Agile Model to allow for both rapid prototyping, and maximization of your training or educational budget. 


Never before has eLearning and virtual technology been more important. We have been supporting

organisations in producing digital content, optimising Learning Management Systems (LMSs), and

selecting appropriate educational strategies, having worked with AFPA, EWI Works, Langmobile,

and Let's Talk Science to implement 3D art designs into their online content. 

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Childhood Development Specialist

What technologies are appropriate for child development? How frequently should children be exposed to emerging technologies? What is developmentally appropriate for children? 

Ask our masters-level specialist today.

Our Philosophy

As gaming enthusiasts our team grew up playing, loving, and enjoying games in a variety of formats. Many modern technologies like serious games, and virtual reality allow children ample opportunities to move, explore, and become self-directed through quests and complex problem solving. With that said, we have an expert to ensure safety and the the highest quality standards for children's products. 

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