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5 European Architecture Movements Used in Fantasy Art

Fantasy novels, films, and video games, are well known for re-imagining European architectural movements from Romanesque (Until 1150) all the way to Romanticism (19th century). The richness of environmental design in this genre has captured the imaginations of fans for many decades.

In this post let's look at 5 specific architectural movements that have influenced Fantasy, with reference art. When working with a designer to produce a Fantasy game, we collect historical samples in the form of reference art to ensure we hit the right notes, when it comes to your look and feel.

Romanesque (Until 1150)

Known For:

Rounded Arches

Thick Walls

Groin Vaults

Large Towers


Gothic (1150 - 1600)

Known For:

Pointed Arches

Flying Buttresses

Stained Glass Windows

Ribbed Vaults

Ornate Details

Baroque (1600 - 1730)

Known For:


Grand Domes

High Drama


Rococo (1730 - 1760)

Known for:

Fluid and elaborate


Asymmetric Designs

Pastel Shades

Romanticism (1800 -1900)

Known for:

Mixing styles from different periods and cultures

Strong senses, emotions, and feelings.

Awe of nature

Emphasis on imagination

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