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Essential eLearning

eLearning has never been more essential in our day-to-day lives, work with our masters-level instructional designers to ensure high quality training for corporate, not-for-profit and post-secondary.

3D More Affordable than Ever 

Custom 3D art design is now more affordable than 2D art design for producing eLearning content.

Avoid site disruptions, mistakes during filming, crew injuries, and expensive re-shoots.

ELEARNING & 3D Training 


3D art can be multi-purposed as 3D renders, eLearning Segements,

desktop games, and virtual reality simulations. 


Epic's Unreal Engine

Did you know there isn't one person who knows the entire Epic Unreal Engine. Vast, powerful, breathe-taking graphics and interactions. We can help you navigate this complexity whether you are building a demo, a training simulation, or a dark souls-inspired passion project.

Character & Envrionment Design

On our first meeting we will look at your vision for characters, environment, props, interactions, and art style. From there we can provide you with a custom quote. 


Virtual Reality for Entertainment

There have been considerable advancements in commercial headsets making VR a more and more popular medium for immersive gaming. Our team is fully versed in the Unreal Engine having been using it since its release and can configure, optimise, and port content based on your hardware needs.

VR Training Simulations

VR is a great solution in safety training to assist learners in practicing before being exposed to real-world hazards. It is also highly effective for visualizing new and hard to reach sites. With advancements in VR controls psychomotor skills can also be practiced before placements in

clinical settings. 

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